ZiniTevi Alternative MovieBox/MovieBox Pro for Android/iOS/PC/TV users

ZiniTevi is your favorite application which can install directly to your device. This is well growing application which can use as MovieBox alternative application. Actaully ZiniTevi has many features compare with MovieBox for your device. So, most MovieBox loving users are moving with this amazing application.

Why ZiniTevi important to compare with MovieBox

  • Download process is simple for users
  • Users can install without Gmail account
  • Users can install without invitation code

Actually MovieBox application is unable to install for users without Gmail account & invitation code. This application is setup related to the user Gmail account. Also MovieBox installation complicated with the invitation code. MoviBox/MovieBox Pro development team is releasing only limited number of invitation codes monthly for public users. This is huge disadvantage to MovieBox Pro lovers to get this application to their devices.

How to install MovieBox/MovieBox Pro application

  • First download website to install application – Follow MovieBox (New users required invitation code & Gmail account)
  • Tap download button compatible with your device model (Android/iOS)
  • This stage Android users need to activate unknown sources & Apple users are need to verify account with profile & device management.
  • MovieBox application installation process will take few seconds to setup for your device. Finally you can see MovieBox is ready with your device home screen.

Note – We can recommend to install third party installation method for Apple users. You can use Attractive Places/SReader application to install latest MovieBox application with Google Drive. This is the most successful method for iOS users. This is non revoke/non jailbreak method for all of you..


We can recommend to install ZiniTevi application to all MovieBox app lovers around the world. This application included all MovieBox features. ZiniTevi provide easy download, install process & also user friendly interface for all of you.

What is your interesting app ? ZiniTevi OR MovieBox ?

Comment here, we are willing your feedback as comments…